Canada Roofs was formed to create more value for our national clients, by breaking up the status quo in the Canadian Roofing industry. The established players & tendering process are inefficient and expensive. Owners often take the cheapest bid but suffer from the long-term consequences of a cheap job. Rarely is the lowest price a reflection of better value, rather the effect of value engineering. In other words, getting less value for the budget. It is also rare that the same company is consistently the low bidder from year to year, which eliminates consistency and longer-term partnerships. This gives suppliers and contractors no incentive to offer you strategic everyday lower pricing. Canada Roofs brings manufacturers, consultants & contractors to consistently and cost-effectively manage your roofing projects.  | Learn More >

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Rainstorms don't fall in isolation. If you are having leaks due to rain, then so do your neighbours and other businesses in the surrounding communities. If you are relying on one or two contractors to manage your roof leaks, even if they are national players, then you run the risk of not being prioritized due to high volume.  We have an extensive network of manufacturer reps, contractors and service technicians to serve you. 

Did you have a leak last season and you want to get it checked out? We'll dispatch a local contractor, manufacturer tech rep or own forces to provide a free, no obligatio...
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We connect real estate owners with manufacturers, distributors, engineering consultants and contractors to manage their national roofing projects.

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